Creating Spaces that Connect and Inspire


The spaces we inhabit, both at home and at work, have a profound impact on our wellbeing and I am passionate about creating environments that elevate people’s wellbeing by focusing on People first, then Place.

‘The Flow Company’ is a workplace strategy and wellbeing design company, committed to creating sustainable workplace environments that connect, motivate and inspire.

I founded the ‘The Flow Company’ in 2017 as a response to what I felt was a shift towards the “what do your team do and who do they need to sit next to?” of a typical response to promote the “who are your team and what inspires them?” approach to workplace strategy and design.

I am a thought leader in workplace design and delivery, with over 25 years experience in commercial design, fitout and transformational workplace projects, in both the UK and NZ.

I have a proven track record leading successful workplace transformation projects as both a client and consultant, working with a wide range of businesses including BNZ as Workplace Design Manager , PwC and Beca.

This experience has given me a unique understanding of how workplaces are shaped and how they can influence staff engagement, wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction.

A entertaining and energetic speaker, I also regularly present at events, or within companies, on Wellbeing at Work and workplace design with a sustainable focus.