Founded by Jo Monaghan 


An architect and yoga teacher, I have over 25 years experience in commercial design, fitout and transformational workplace change projects in both the UK and NZ. Most recently I have spent several years working in large corporates including BNZ and PwC, leading their major workplace transformation programmes. 

I understand how important it is to manage my energy throughout the day, I also understand first hand how hard it can be to maintain it in workspaces which don't inspire us or foster connection. 

In early 2017 I left the corporate world to travel and trained to become a yoga teacher in Bali. During that time I had an "aha" moment about how I might incorporate Eastern Philosophies into spatial design, to create spaces and places with meaning that connect and inspire us.

Energy Based Design is a philosophy which unites the energy of the people and the place. Focusing on the people not the role that they have at work. Design to energise spaces so that people can move through their day taking and giving what they need to maximise their wellbeing which enables them to give of their best.

The marketplace at present is focused on Activity Based Working  and Agile which is all about the place and the activity people undertake, not the people that inhabit the space and perform the activity. Throughout the day energy flows, just like the tide, a constant movement within a person and between them and others. How often do people feel drained by 3pm, reaching for the chocolate/coffee/salty snacks? What would change that? What is the passion of the people that work with/for you and do they get to experience it at work? The Flow Company works with energy based design principles to create spaces that allow people to manage their energy. Forget the “what do your team do and who do they need to sit next to?” of a typical workplace design mantra and welcome to the “who are your team and what lights their fire?” approach to workplace strategy and design.