The Flow Company is all about energy based design - designing for wellbeing in today's workplace.


In today’s fast paced market where its no longer the norm to hold a job for life and the expectations of a number of generations have to be met, how can we design workplaces that will attract the staff you want and get them to stay?

In a world where we are more connected than ever yet can feel more alone, how can we create spaces that foster connection and wellbeing?

To design spaces that make people feel good we need to put them front and centre in the transformation process and look at each organisation’s unique make-up to determine what solution would best suit them.  In this way we can create communities that connect people and allow them to flourish.

Everyone experiences space differently. Energetically we create a relationship between us and the place we are in, its design impacts our experience by affecting us both physically and physiologically. What makes a “good” space versus a “bad” space? They are likely to be different things to different people based on their life experience and personality type.

Energy Based Design considers these factors to create spaces that connect and inspire.