A Workplace Strategy can help your business evolve to meet your goals


I believe that the best outcomes are achieved when the whole team is involved. This makes my approach very people-centric, putting your people at the heart of the process and allowing them to co-create the solutions. This increases engagement and advocacy for the outcomes.

I will guide your though a process that defines what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it in a clear and concise way that aligns the strategy with your business values and drivers and identifies your success measures.

A successful workplace strategy is made up of three parts, the physical, the cultural and the virtual. It is important to include HR and Technology as part of the strategy as the physical space is only one part of the puzzle. Defining how much space you need and whether you need to move or can stay in your current space to deliver the outcomes you want is all part of the strategy.


A workplace environment of the right size that supports the vision and key drivers of the business


Engaging people so that they feel ownership of outcomes and co-create a new culture which aligns with the new workplace strategy


Technology solutions that enable people to work how they want to, where they want to and when they want to


The strategy will be tailored to suit your business and will encompass these stages:


  • Find out what makes you tick and what your aspirations are by reviewing collateral and through interviews and workshops.

  • Measure how you use your space now through utilization studies and/or observation

  • Undertake the Flow@Work: Wellbeing by Design assessment


  • Create the communication, change and engagement strategy that best works for your business and how you like to communicate.

  • Craft a workstyle survey unique to you.


  • Survey staff on their workstyles and how they would like to work in the future

  • Interview teams and key stakeholders


  • The fun part! Highlighting key themes and feedback from the earlier stages creates a framework for the strategy which can be tested, challenged and improved through input from staff at workshops or forums.

  • Final strategy communicated.