Yoga allows us to find the light within and let it shine.

I believe that Yoga is all about connection. Connection to oneself, to nature, to energy, to others. Yoga, for me has always uplifted me and enabled me to thrive and become more in flow with life, able to meet its challenges with greater ease.

I am a 300Hr RYT certified yoga teacher, having trained with Blissologist founder Eoin Finn in Bali and Canada in 2017.

Founded by yogi, surfer and Blissologist Eoin Finn in 1999 Blissology is a yoga system which explores strategies for bringing more joy, awe, love and bliss into our lives.

Talk to me about yoga in the workplace, as a regular practice or I can create a workshop for your team to learn more about this mind body medicine.

I currently teach at the Wellness Movement in Nelson, to discover more about my classes, click here.