I have been privileged to lead and work on some great programmes and projects and share some of them below.



Beca Nelson office.jpg

Opened in July 2019 the Beca Nelson office is designed using a human-centric approach. Staff were consulted throughout the strategy and design process and the design reflects the unique Nelson team and environment. Designed using Biophilic principles to bring a natural palette inside echoing the surrounding landscape.




The Council wanted a workplace strategy to be a blueprint for their future property projects. Working with the Leadership and Project Board and Team, I helped them create a strategic vision for their workplace which aligns with their vision and business drivers.



Beca workshop image.jpeg

I led the creation of a Workplace Strategy for the Northern Region which had high levels of staff engagement to co-create the future vision for how Beca Northern Region will evolve the way that they work. The was an interesting project as the approach was very human centric, co -creating solutions with staff from all levels of the business which was both fun and challenging!

As design lead for the Beca Property Strategy Group I was responsible for design of spaces in their existing Auckland premises, as well as feasibility studies for growth. The Beca Nelson regional office is the latest project I have led, due for completion in July 2019 it uses biophilic design and sustainable principles to create a workspace focussed on staff wellbeing.


2017-2019 Dunedin City council: strategy and DESIGN


I worked with Dunedin City Council from 2017 to 2019, creating a short term workplace strategy and design to fulfill their needs in the Civic Centre Building. Part of this work has been to create a staff cafe with an environment that encourages people to pause, connect and engage with one another which was completed in late 2018. The latest project is a customer facing area which aims to create a better customer experience. Working within the constraints of an existing building and with limited budget to provide positive outcomes has been the greatest challenge and success for these projects.


2015-2017 BNZ Centre christchurch: project leadership and design

Reception 1.jpg

The creation of BNZ Centre Christchurch brought together teams displaced during the earthquakes into one workplace with a next generation Partners Centre. Staff consultation and engagement was key to this project being a success and I led the project and transformation of how the Christchurch BNZ teams work into a new Activity Based flexible working environment. “Being Together” was the key driver and I feel that this project succeeded by bringing staff from all areas of Christchurch under one roof in a safe, collaborative environment that promotes community both internally and externally.


2016-2017 PWC: project leadership

pwc wgn.jpg

As Property Lead at PwC from 2016-2017 I was responsible for all aspects of the design and delivery of the major new premises projects in Wellington and Auckland which sees PwC move to a new way of working model.

This involved engagement with all levels of the business and management of the design team as well as liaison with the basebuild teams.

Communication and engagement is key to the success of these projects as is a robust change management strategy.

2011-2017 bnz 80 queen street: workplace strategy and programme leadership


Workplace transformation at BNZ is a programme of physical, technology and cultural change that commenced in 2013 and is ongoing throughout the BNZ network of offices. As Workplace Design and Delivery Manager from 2011 to 2016 I was responsible for creating the workplace strategy which formed the blue print for this change as well as leading the transformation programme, with the first project being delivered in 2013 at 80 Queen Street with only a 6 month programme from commencement to completion. This was the pilot project for the BNZ moving to Activity Based, or Flexible Working and it was so successful it became the model for subsequent transformation work.